Belmont, North Carolina

Listen to any southerner talk about growing up in a small Carolina town and you’re bound to hear about a place like Belmont. Concerts and festivals in Stowe Park, the town’s cultural heartbeat, combined with the picturesque brick drive that makes up Belmont’s downtown keep this little village pumping all year long. At Showcase Realty, based in Charlotte, we train each of our top real estate agents on knowledge of the surrounding areas of Charlotte, including Belmont. Showcase Realty’s Belmont real estate agents can assist you with buying or selling your home in Belmont and provide you with the best real estate services in the area.

Along its historic district, Belmont is lined with houses that range from Tudor Revival architecture to Colonial styles. Showcase Realty can help you find the home of your dreams in this peaceful small town. This pleasant jumble of design, spanning 1,700 acres of the city, in the town’s oldest suburb gives character to an area that the National Register of Historic Places has recognized since 1996. With the addition of downtown’s Stowe Mercantile Co, Belmont’s old-fashioned General Store, and Stowe Manor, a 1924 inn that sits on three acres of land just a few minutes away from center city, Belmont is naturally inclined to bring its visitors back to a simpler, community-oriented time.

While Belmont has the smarts to keep its old facade looking sharp, its history of education adds an even more wise edge to this mix. Home to Belmont Abbey College, a tunning school known for its in-house monastery, Belmont’s outskirts ring with church bells as hard-working collegians rush to class. Belmont Abbey College is a private liberal arts college on a lovely campus in Belmont.

Such a great curb appeal is hard to pass up, which is why many Belmont residents choose to stay outdoors rather than miss the town’s happenings locked in their houses. The Belmont Drive-In, one of North Carolina’s last remaining outdoor movie theaters, offers a summery alternative to a typical family movie night. Belmont offers even more natural beauty, by sitting on the beautiful and serene Lake Wylie. There are countless things to do on the water, including kayaking, fishing, canoeing and more fun activities. If you’re interested in a peaceful lifestyle on the water, Belmont could be the place for you.

If captivated by more natural wonders than the big screen, though, some venture to one of Belmont’s 11 gardens, retreating to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s 400-acre facility for an impressive array of nationally-renowned botany. The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden would be a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Belmont, enjoying the
gardens and beautiful views the city has to offer. No matter what you choose to dabble in, Belmont’s beauty keeps you on your toes. Its rich history, spectacular structures, and outdoor escapes keep inhabitants settled in this southern nook.

At Showcase Realty, we want you to know that we have a vested interest in helping you get the best possible home, a home that you will love and enjoy for years to come. You will not have to worry or second guess about the home’s value, environment, inner workings or process of purchase when you work with our top real estate agents. If you decide you don’t like your home, we will sell it for free.*

Call Showcase Realty and let our Belmont real estate agents help you sell your home and move into your new dream home in the Belmont area. With Showcase Realty, your home is guaranteed to sell within 120 days or we will pay you $2,500.*
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