Supply and Demand are Impacting the Housing Market

Supply and demand have a huge impact on the housing market. The current market is seeing a surge of demand and a shortage in supply, which has greatly affected the tactics of homeowners. Based on the current trends, now is a great time to be in the market as a seller.

There has not been a 6-month supply of inventory since August of 2012, thus limiting homebuyers of options to choose from. However, this is an advantageous position for home sellers, since many buyers will be forced to compete for properties.

Supply and Demand Are Impacting the Housing Market

Highlights Include:

* The concept of supply and demand is simple. The right time to sell is when demand is high and supply is low.
* Anything less than a 6-month supply of inventory means we’re in a Seller’s Market!
* There hasn’t been a 6-month supply since August 2012!
* Buyer demand still outpaces seller supply!

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