Top 5 Basement Upgrades that Are Worth It

A lot of homeowners use their basement space for generic uses like laundry, storage or exercise. Because the basement isn’t being used too often, it tends to get brushed under the rug when it comes to design and upgrades. Are you thinking of upgrading your basement? Check out these ideas:

  1. Upgrade the Floor

A great floor can make a huge difference in your basement. The cost of getting a new floor may not be as expensive you assumed, and you can always choose a vinyl flooring that is affordable and easy to maintain. You might also consider applying coats of epoxy, which can make old floors look new.

  1. Insert Shelving

By adding modern shelving to the walls of your basement you can increase the organization in the room and make it look more spacious. Consider varnished wood shelves, which can add some extra style to your basement.

  1. Waterproof

Sitting water, leaks and floods can cause a lot of trouble in your basement, resulting in rotting wood, corroded plumbing fixtures and possible damage to foundation. Contact a water proofing professional to help you find and address any leaking you see in your home-early prevention will save you a lot of money.

  1. Stairs

Upgrading your staircase leading down to the basement can make a huge difference in the room. If you have a closed staircase, consider knocking down the walls and making an open staircase to create a more open feel to the space. Invest in newer wood or install a decorative banister for a simple but effective upgrade.

Top 5 Basement Upgrades that Are Worth It

Invest in a Kitchenette

We typically see our basement as a storage area, so a kitchen would seem odd on its own. However, if your basement serves as a living space or entertainment area then adding a kitchenette is a great option and adds extra value to the home.


All enhancements done to your basement will boost your home value and make the space much more livable and enjoyable. With all of the upgrades done to your home you will definitely have an edge to sell it fast.

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